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3 Reasons You Aren't Resting Well With Your CPAP Machine

by Tom Simmmons

Your physician has likely prescribed a CPAP machine to you, at least in part, to help improve your quality of rest. So, if you've been using the machine and you still aren't feeling well-rested the next day, there is a reason why. Often, there is an issue with the CPAP or with the way you're using it. Learn how to get to the bottom of these problems so that you can look forward to better rest. 

1. Ill-Fitting Mask

The CPAP machine mask needs to fit your face well. An ill-fitting mask introduces a variety of problems. If the mask is too small, you will be uncomfortable. The mask will press into your face throughout the night and cause pressure sores and skin irritation. 

On the other hand, if the mask is too large, some of the air from the machine will leak from the mask. In the immediate, this issue will limit your air supply and might cause you to gasp for air. However, throughout the night, the leaked air can travel to your nose. The dry air will, in turn, cause your nose to dry out, stuffy and irritated.  

2. Irregular Wear

If anyone tells you that there is no process involved when it comes to adjusting to wearing a CPAP machine at night, they aren't being 100% upfront. There is an adjustment period, as it takes time to feel comfortable wearing the device while you rest. 

The only way to make it past through this adjustment period is to wear the mask. If you're inconsistent in wearing the mask, it will take longer for you to adjust, and as a result, it will take longer for you to feel comfortable enough wearing the mask to rest well.

3. Dirty Air Filter

If the sound from your machine is a part of the reason why you are unable to rest well, take a look at the air filter inside the machine. The air filter removes mold, dust, and other impurities from the machine to ensure that the air you inhale is clean and safe. Each time you use the machine, impurities collect in the future. 

Consequently, it's important that you periodically clean the filter. When the filter isn't cleaned, it can create a clog. The clog causes an air blockage that causes the machine to operate louder than normal. The more the clog grows, the louder the machine will become. 

If you have concerns about your quality of rest and your CPAP machine — don't hesitate to contact a professional for usage help and other assistance.