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Why You Should Attend An Open House Event At Your Local Pharmacy

by Tom Simmmons

If you live in an area in which a specialty pharmacy has recently opened up, it might have an open house soon after it opens its doors. Regardless of whether you've already visited the pharmacy to shop or to pick up a prescription, it can be advantageous to attend this event. Pharmacy open houses can take several different forms, and there might be refreshments that are available to those who attend. Most important, you'll be able to better understand the role that the pharmacy plays in your community. Here are some reasons to attend the pharmacy's open house:

A Chance To Understand Its Services

A lot of people don't necessarily understand what their local pharmacy can do for them beyond providing access to prescription medication, general health products, and everyday essentials such as milk and bread. Your pharmacy's open house will be a valuable opportunity for you to understand the wide range of services that the pharmacy can provide for you — including many that are available free of charge. For example, many pharmacies can provide vaccinations, access to programs that can help you quit smoking, and more.

An Opportunity To Meet The Pharmacists

Some people can feel a little intimidated about visiting the pharmacy to speak to a pharmacist about a health topic, especially if the topic is of a sensitive nature. When you attend the pharmacy's open house, you'll be able to meet the pharmacists and establish a point of contact. Should you require some help from one of the pharmacists at a later date, you may feel more confident about visiting because you've already made this contact. This could be the difference between you going to get the health advice or help that you need and ignoring the issue and allowing it to get worse.

A Chance To Save Money

Pharmacy open houses are often all about informing the community about the value that the pharmacy provides, but they'll often encourage people to attend by offering a chance to save money. Certain health products might be discounted during the open house. For example, vitamins might be on sale, or perhaps a variety of products that you might need to use if you have an elderly family member living with you could be available at reduced prices. It can be advantageous to use this opportunity to load up on the products that you will need in the weeks and months ahead.