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Why You Might Need The Services Of A Compound Pharmacist

by Tom Simmmons

If you have a child that is not able to swallow pills, or you require a medication that has to be altered in order to serve your needs, a compound pharmacist can create this medication for you. From topical solutions to medication your child can drink instead of taking in pill form, compound pharmacists have the skills necessary to take a traditional medication and create the formula you or your child is prescribed. A pharmacy may provide traditional medication only, or also provide customers with compound pharmacy services if they choose to. Many chain pharmacy providers will have compounding services, while some will have even more complex compounding services for the general public.

When You Have Allergies to Dye, Lactose and Alcohol

If you are a person who has allergies to certain elements of a medication, a compound pharmacist is able to create a formula for you without the offending elements. You will get the medication you need without taking risks to your health by consuming allergens.

Liquid Medication Over Pills

Whether you are an adult who has a problem with swallowing, or your young child struggles with pills, liquid medication is a great solution. You can get flavored medication or choose unflavored, and the medication will be the correct dosage in liquid form. When your child is resistant to taking medication because of the taste, the right flavor can do the trick. Transdermal patches are also an option for people where this makes more sense.

If a Medication is Not Available

There are times when your treatment provider wants to prescribe a medication in a dosage that doesn't exist. A compound pharmacist can create a formula for you that gives you your medication in the right dose. You will be able to take smaller doses without having to try to cut your pills in half. 

When Many Medications are Prescribed

If you are a person who has to take a number of medications every day, a compound pharmacist may be able to combine some of your medications to make compliance with treatment easier. This is especially helpful when you are trying to correct medication administration errors.

You may have received the services of a compound pharmacist without really knowing it until now. If your medication has been changed into a liquid form for your benefit, a compound pharmacist did this for you. Check with your current pharmacy to see if compounding services are available.